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"It always seems Impossible Until It is DONE!"

Welcome to Faithful Women Movement! God is doing something new and I am ready to part of it! 
The journey to start Faithful Women Movement came with challenges but I embraced the vision given to me by God to see his daughters delivered from things, people, emotions, and situations that prevents us from living life faithfully. 
Far too many of my sisters are in broken situations, trusting the wrong people believing they have limited choices. It is my vision to help women who need a push, to get to their goals the honest way and to know who they are and whose they belong to. Faithful Women Movement will equip women, whether they are single, divorced or separated, with the word of God to live a life of self-control and preserve their bodies for the one God has chosen for them within marriage. We also encourage Women who are married how to serve faithfully within marriage.
Since 2012, I have written and published over 13 Books on self-improvement, success, happiness, self-love, dealing w…