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Exciting News!!!!! Introducing Faithful Women Movement T-Shirts!

Hello Faithful Woman!
I call you faithful because you are! I declare you are an Excellent Woman. I give thanks for what God has done for me. All GLORY belongs to God!
He gives me creativity and inspiration to flow in my purpose and for that I am super greatful for his unending love. I have stepped away from social media since December 2015 to seek God with limited access to my platform. I had victories and failures, but throughout everything God never stopped loving me. You can say it was a divine journey. During this time, I received National Awards for Public Speaking in Toastmasters International, published my 11th bookLife Re-Imagined: A 31 Day Devotional of Declaring God's Promises Over Your Life on Amazon, gave multiple Keynote speeches at various companies, Schools and International Organizations, founded Faithful Women Movement, writing new music, and other things. 
Faithful Women Movement is a Global Organization that celebrates and encourages women to live faithfully wh…

The Virtuous Woman Part 2

Hello Faithful Women!
I decided to do a follow up to a previous post I wrote  The Virtuous Woman Part 1
Who is a virtuous woman?
A virtuous woman is a woman who can take the 'lemons' she has been given in life and make them into lemonade. She is faithful, a valuable treasure, strong and carries herself with dignity. 
"She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future" Proverbs 31.15 A virtuous woman is often perceived as someone who is "good" with a "halo". Yet that is far from the truth. All have personal struggles, but it's how you deal with them. Some women deal with jealousy of other women and can sometimes even feel ashamed and embarrassed that they allowed themselves to feel that way in the first place. Jealousy is an internal factor that unless displayed in your actions, rarely anyone will notice, but the one it affects will know. Even though she displays jealousy, she might possibly have her life together.…

The Virtuous Woman Part 1

To that woman who is FAITHFUL, I honor you! There are some phenomenal women who has kept honoring God with their bodies, words and actions. She works diligently with her hands and whatsoever she touches God causes it to prosper. She knows who her Source is: God. This woman don't compete with other women who are "doing It BIG". She is daily seeking The Lord through prayer, reading the Word of God and taking actions on her goals, The Honest Way! This kind of woman is virtuous and full of integrity. She is not Perfect but by her words, actions and deportment you will know this woman is extremely special. Her Hope is entirely in The Lord, not systems, or associations. This woman is very patient, beautiful and loving. She is aware of her qualities but knows to anchor herself in humility. She does not try to be seen but operates in strategic instructions from the Lord to position herself for her destiny. Her help comes from God and she knows It. She is not flirtatious. She kn…