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Who is a Ruby Woman?

Hello Faithful Women!!
Happy Monday. I am back to blogging. I have been busy and cannot wait to roll out all that I am doing for this wholeness movement. I reflected on God's purpose and i felt him reminding me that I am His daughter a virtuous woman and  a Ruby Woman. I mean I felt a direct unfolding of His spirit as he reminded me that becoming a ruby woman is indeed better than having only a diamond within. It is knowing that after all the pain, hurt and heartache you faced in life, God considered you so much higher that He desires us as women, sisters, wives to become a woman that is second to none. You must become a force of his creation knowing that whatever God placed within you, he gave it to you. 

What is a Ruby?

A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum. Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires. Ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gems, together with amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and diamond. The word ruby comes…

Check out "Heart Like Hannah" my New Book!!

Hey Faithful Warriors! 
Checkout my New Book " Heart Like Hannah"  Woot,woot!! The glory of God goes beyond all fame. You can either be hot or cold. God calls you never to break you but to take you higher. However over the years of Leadership and Public Speaking has taught me to make Prayer, Praise and Worship my tool to connect with God. Prayer releases peace, faith and miracles. I believe if you approach God with boldness and confidence you will obtain Grace and mercy. God is awesome and Heart Like Hannah is s wonderful Prayer book that women, wives, professionals, mother's and others can download, order and read. 
Take a look inside!! Peace & Love!!
The righteous cry out and the Lord heard them and deliver them from all their fears Psalms 34.17

21 Days Challenge Day 21 - The Pledge

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your support and participation in the 21 Days Challenge.
Today I focused on praise and thanksgiving. Giving thanks for the months and years to come. I have the utmost respect for you and declare you will succeed, win, grow, progress, live healthy, live a life of Self-Love, praying with all Supplication and make this year to be one of Transformation, improvement and creating wealth.

Take The Faithful Women Movement Pledge to ensure your daily committment to living well.

Download on my Etsy Store for : $7.00

Exercise: 3 sets of 25 crunches or situps and 3 sets of 25 squats. Take a brisk walk for 15 minutes.

Have fun!
Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge Day 20 "Self-Love Saturdays"

Hello Faithful Warriors,

I am energetic, enthused, and fully expect the best for the rest of the year. This Challenge has been helping people reset their lives and Create a new beginning. Only you can decide what your new beginning will be. However, to discover your purpose you must push your limits, expand your thinking, pray beyond using the creative force within you to behold the power of God within you and see his manifestation in your life. Let no one treat you as broken when you are whole. The objective is to Live Strong and embrace your greatest breakthroughs yet.  We know that all things work together for good and those breakthroughs can evolve from having inner peace and quiet relaxed time to self. Today is Self-Love Saturdays and I believe you can make it what you want to be. Make sure you have cleared any errands or chores to make the time available.

Affirmations: I love and accept myself and my abilities, I am perfect and thankful, I am strong enough for the journey I am o…

21 Days Challenge Day 19

Happy Friday Faithful Warriors,

Today feels like it's a great day to CELEBRATE! The great news is it requires little to throw yourself a mini celebration.
Like any great Friday, look out for opportunity to meet and talk with others in your field of expertise. Find an event that might be happening at your company or near you. Regardless of what you do, all your victories and successes must be celebrated. Look for the possibilities and enjoy your weekend!

Are you following my Instagram? Search @faithfulwomenmovement to get updates and cool quotes.

Exercises: 3 sets of 50 squats, 3 sets of 50 sit ups and 7 minutes of skipping. Take a long brisk walk for 15 minutes.

Have fun!
Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge 18

Hello Faithful Warriors,

You are all amazing! Keep growing, developing and speaking to your dreams.

As we continue to press for progress, and develop our mind, today I challenge you to listen to TED talk or watch a Documentary.
Once you are done make notes with how this has Transformed your thinking.

Exercises: Complete 30-45 minutes of split floor exercises and stretches. Finish up deep breathing.

Have fun!
Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge Day 17

Hello Faithful Warriors,

I know you have four days to go so never slow down!  Now is the time to develop, grow and press for progress for 2018. You must see yourself perserving each day, using your words to speak creative miracles and Create Your New Beginning!  No one can stop you except for you. Take accountability for your life and ask for support to flourish.

*Develop. Grow. Progress*

Today ask your mentors, leaders, family or friends to give you honest focused feedback of your progress since you started the 21 Day Challenge. No one know you better than you. However, there are individuals who are able to provide you with excellent professional feedback or on a peer level.

Ask for three feedback:


Exercise: 3 sets of 60 squats, 3 sets of 60 sit ups, 7 minutes of skipping, and follow up with a long brisk walk with long strides.

Have fun
Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge Day 16

Hello Faithful Warriors,

With only 5 days to go, I am feeling excited and happy with even fresh new outlook on life. I give honor to the excellent contribution of my Fitness Trainer who provided these excellent workout routines for free. If you want results in your fitness journey you should use them.

Today I challenge you to organize your life. You can organize your email, organize your workout routines by downloading a workout app, organize your books and magazines, organize your Kindle, spring clean your closet to give to others, or organising your dream box according to dates. Of course it's not too late to organize your meal plan. Make sure you enjoy the process.

Exercises: 3 sets of 25 squats, 3 sets of 25 situps, 100 lunges, 50 jumping jacks and follow with a brisk walk for 10 minutes with long strides.

Have fun!!

Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge: Day 15

Hello Faithful Warriors,

The future belongs to those who DREAM. Today we celebrate Dr.Martin Luther King Day. He was a leader who taught us to search for greatness and dream. I bought a Dream Box or a Prayer Box to ensure I remain focused on my vision and dream. These boxes is really inexpensive and have a great magnetic snap.

Create Your Dream Box

Exercises: 3 sets of 20 squats, 3 of 10 on stationary lunges, 150 sit ups(5 sets of 30).
Follow up with 30 minutes brisk walk in long strides.

Have fun!
Winsome Brinkley

21 Days Challenge Day 14

Hello Faithful Warriors,

A wonderful Sunday to you. I am grateful for a new week. Making each day count is important. I talked about the importance of "meal plan prepration" for this week. Workout and healthy meals are the key to looking good and feeling good. I am cheering for you.

Speak and Delcare

* I am abundantly blessed
*I am wonderful
*I am clear and focused
*I am investing wisely
*I am earning 100 times more in my bank account
*I am achieving my goals quicker than expected
*I am living prosperously and comfortably
*My business is growing exponentially and I have a strong and loyal team to help it grow
*I am blessed and highly favored
*2018 is my year of victory and breakthrough
*My prayer life is getting better and better.
*God is within me and I will keep succeeding.

( You can create and speak then ones that apply to your life).


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"Heart Like Hannah: Becoming a Woman of Prayer and Faithfulness&q…

21 Days Challenge - Day 13 Self-Love Saturdays

Self-Love Saturdays Encouragement

During my Single Years I practiced Self-Love but on Saturdays where I would do laundry, shop for groceries, go to the fresh produce market to get all the best stuff to make my favorite meal. I would wash my hair, polish my toes and fingers. I pursued meditation, reading, Bible study, and listening to my favorite music. There were times I would visit the botanical gardens to sit, and read. I remember after a excellent  relaxation, I walked into a bookstore. I am an Author and I love books. I had no intention to buy a book. I walked over to the Bible section and my God all I knew was I wanted to get a beautiful pink cover Study  Bible.

I stood there thinking I don't need this Bible because I already have a big one. However, something inside me would not give up. It was way more money than I had to spend given I was on a budget. I looked at other books with the Bible in my hand thinking I could get a book from any powerful preacher and call it a day. …

Stop Drifting and Get Your Mojo Back!! Get 21 Days Miracle Program on Kindle!!

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Stop drifting and get the 21 Days Program to Create Your new Beginning and Attract The Life You Can Have! The powerful and effective workbook is available in Ebook Format on Kindle. Awesome right? Get it for ONLY $4.99. 

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Wishing You a Great Weekend an Check back for tomorrows challenge!
Winsome Brinkley Author and Speaker

Introducing Brinkley's Publishing!!

Introducing Brinkley's PublishingCreating a positive publishing experience to get results. I am happy to announce the launch of  our new company Brinkley's Publishing to help women and men who have an interest to write, publish and market their stories and communicate information effectively to meet readers needs and market standards professionally.  DO YOU HAVE A TITLE/MANUSCRIPT AND LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PUBLISHER?  WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW TITLES! Put Your Title in The Hands of The Top and Trusted Christian Publishers Brinkley's Publishing titles are regularly reviewed for new, talented authors. While there is no guarantee of the number of titles to be signed each year, this is an opportunity to get your foot in the door. Traditional Publishing is way to costly. One of the best thing about Brinkley's Publishing is that we will help you through the process and you will keep all the royalties.  With Brinkley's Publishing You Will: Associate with a division of Auth…

21 Days Challenge Day 12

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Happy Friday!! How much progress have you been making on your goals do far?
Are you ready to really press for progress?
Don't trust feelings of limitations or think of procrastinating. As a movement we get up, dress up and show up. This is your season for increase. Never give up but keep hope alive. Thank you for reaching out to me on Instagram and I have more surprises coming soon!! Please check out my next blog post to see what the surprise is. Grateful and blessed.

Today begin to Develop Healthy Meal Plans and buy up bottles of distilled water.  I am being coached one of the best Fitness Trainer and I know I will be seeing some results soon.  Healthy meals plus lots of water produces great results.

Exercise: Skipping for 7 minutes will work your entire muscle group. Follow up by light stretching.

Have fun!!
Winsome Brinkley

21 Days Challenge Day 11

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Today is Day 11 and I must say great things are happening. I am honored to launch a 21 Day Program ( see my Product Page) to help you attract the life you can have not just want. You must have hope. You must Dream BiG and Think BiG. 
I am not surprised that God has called me for deeper reflection, study and of course Prayer. Did you know Faithful Women Movement has it's own Prayer Group on Facebook? We have over 200 members and growing quickly. I believe in helping others and that means 'be still'. The word of God says "The Prayer of the righteous availeth much". To join follow the link below and follow the instructions:

LINKFaithful Women Movement Prayer Group:

Instructions: Your first name, city and drop a word of encouragement for your sisters. For where two or more is gathered there you are in the midst.

Today take time to reflect what is the challenge you experienced …

21 Day Challenge Day 10

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Are you ready too attract the life you can have?
Keep moving forward and be excellent and and bold.

You are in control of your emotions.

Today's Challenge is to Network Professionally. Update your resume, social media including Linkedin profile. Get in touch with other industry players and learn new skills to help you succeed.

Exercise: Run 10 100m followed by intense stretching.

BIG News!!!!

Check out my new beginning program:
21 Days Program to Create Your New Beginning and Attract The Life You Can Have 💎
Follow link on my Product page or email me:

Let's do this!!
Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge Day 9

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Committment is key. Thanks for your amazing support on Instagram @faithfulwomenmovement. I hope you are taking this 21 Day Challenge to uplift your spirit and achieving your goals.  Today I challenge you to listen to a Motivational Audio for an hour each day. As a Motivational Speaker I have seen the benefits of self-motivated. You can't remain the same but be transformed by the renewing of your message mind. 
Have Fun!
Winsome Brinkley Author and Speaker

21 Days Challenge Day 8

Hello Faithful Warriors, Today is a new day for a new beginning. Think of how good it is to breathe to think to dream, to be and embrace your life. Yes. You must bloom, flourish and always be ready to be used by God. You are here to serve as well as be served. You are meant to give as much as you receive. For an entire year I served Teaching English to men and women who were grandfathers,  mothers, students, working professionals  and from different facets of society.  Faithfully serving in an area I thought  was not for me actually gave me great joy, new skills, meeting great people,  learning about myself and making sound decisions for my life. Somehow I developed a love for teaching English. Do you believe God would take you this far to   leave you? You might be going through some tough  stuff right now and you are asking “Why God?”,

21 Day Challenge Day 7

Hello Faithful Warriors, 

A BiG Congratulations to all who have been participating in this Challenge. Everyone deserves a new beginning and you can Create Your New Beginning. 


Today is a day of rest, favor and Blessing. Using a notebook, word document or Clean sheet of paper, begin to write down 111 goals you might have.  From that list identify your Top 5 goals.  Information is nothing without transformation. Writing your goals down means nothing unless you take action. 2018 is Your year to live your life . Join me tomorrow to workout. 

Have fun!

Winsome Brinkley
Author Winsome Brinkley

21 Day Challenge Day 6

Hello Faithful Warriors,

Its Day 6 and the challenge is to increase your awareness of your thoughts.
Happy Saturday Faithful Warriors!!

Some of you have had a long work week ( I get it) or you might be having a working weekend, yo might just be a super busy Mommy or Father or just have a packed calendar ( To Do  Lists anyone? Lol) 😂

As a Writer of and her 14 books and  Speaker I must admit ALL my Inspiration flows when I Am In- Spirit with God. I absolutely treasure sacred silence and prefer to avoid 'wacky'  situations that is not in line with my purpose. 2018 is about Living Free, Making good decisions, and taking  advantage of your choices. You must #pressforprogress and be Bold. You must know you are unlimited  and whatever you Ask of Jesus, once you  Ascribe strength  unto Him, He Will bless you with the desires of your heart.

Beloveds, today  take 1 hour ... Just 1 hour to Become Aware of Your Thoughts.
Recurring thoughts become a SEED which leads to a habit resulting in…

21 Day Challenge Day 5

Hello warriors,

Today I want to challenge you to invest in something for your future.  Invest in a bright financial future.
Start a savings account. I graduated from University and I needed to start planning out my financial future. I want my financial future to be bright and to have no worries when I’m older and ready to retire.

*Affirmation: I Am prospering from the inside out.
*Workout: Up the game and complete 3 sets of 50 sit ups and 3 sets of squats.
Have a great day! Winsome Brinkley

21 Day Challenge Day 4

Happy Thursday!

It's day 4 of 21 Days Challenge to Create Your New Beginning. The challenge is to "Transform your problems".

*Begin by identifying the single problem that is troubling you most. It could be a source of stress, discomfort, anger or sadness

*How is this problem an opportunity for growth? How could dealing with it make you a better person? What new skills could it help you to develop? Are there tangible benefits that may come from dealing with this problem effectively?

*How do you choose to respond to the situation? What values and strengths will you use in your response?

*Based on the results of your assessment, write out affirmations. 

*Workout: 3 sets of 25 reps body squats. 3 sets 25 reps calf raises. 2 sets of 10 lunges. 1 set 25 reps of sumo squats. 3 sets of 25 crunches. 3 sets of 10 laying leg raises and 25 laying bycicles. Finally take a brisk 15 minute walk or light job.

Check me out on Instagram @faithfulwomenmovement 

Follow me on Facebook: Author Winso…

21 Day Challenge (Day 3)

It's day 3 of our 22 Day Challenge to create your new beginning. Today I focused on releasing the tension or negatives of 2017 and exhale into gratitude and the righteousness of God. Today I focused on fitness by taking a look long gratitude Walk and speaking to your inner peace and quiet your life. It's absolutely important that you use physical workout to design your life
 Yes you can create your new beginning. You got to sweat it to get it! Let's go!!

DAY 3: Work it!

*Gratitude Walk with Affirmations:
I Am prospering from the inside out
 I Am a 1000 times stronger on the inside out
I  Am greater on the inside out
I Am peaceful at all times
I Am wholeness and healing strength in all aspect of my life

*Workout: Warm up your muscles, followed by 7 minutes of skipping. Add 4 sets of 20 leg raises, 20 squats and 20 sit ups.

Check out my NEW BOOK "Unbroken: Finding God's Grace in Life's Painful Moments" in a fabulous Three Part Series (Part 1, 2, and 3).


21 Day Challenge (Day 2) Create Your New Beginning

It's Day 2 to Create Your New Beginning!!

Are you doing the exercises? It's not too late to join.

*Write letters to 3 people in your life to tell them what they mean to you.

*Sign up to volunteer your time or with an organization, Church, school or community. Over the years I volunteered my time with Kiwanis International that serves children worldwide.

*Exercise: 2 sets of 25 and 1 set of ten alternating lunges, 2 one minute planks, 2 sets of 20 laying leg raises, 2 sets of 20 leg raises front side and back and to finish off, take another brisk walk.

Have fun and enjoy!

Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

21 Day Challenge: Create Your Beginning

Hello Everyone!!

Happy New Year!!
I am introducing for the first time the 21 Day Challenge on Faithful Women Movement.

What is Create Your New Beginning? It's starting over and getting a fresh perspective on your life, career, relationships, health and happiness. You are destined to live abundantly and Winsome Brinkley who is the Author of over 14 books and a Speaker has been helping people reset their lives through her writing and speaking. I declare God is going to blow your mind with His goodness. Take this 21 Day Challenge to become intentionally focused, happier, Healthier and prosperous.
Day One: 
* Affirmation: I Am releasing the old habits and embracing the newness and goodness of life. *Extend an act of Kindness: Buy someone a hot meal or give away something you place value on *Daily Workout: 25 squats, 25 crunches or situps, 5 minutes of high knees, and take a brisk walk for 10 minutes. 

Are you ready? Let's do it!! Make sure to subscribe to this blog and follow me o…