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21 Days Challenge Day 20 "Self-Love Saturdays"

Hello Faithful Warriors,

I am energetic, enthused, and fully expect the best for the rest of the year. This Challenge has been helping people reset their lives and Create a new beginning. Only you can decide what your new beginning will be. However, to discover your purpose you must push your limits, expand your thinking, pray beyond using the creative force within you to behold the power of God within you and see his manifestation in your life. Let no one treat you as broken when you are whole. The objective is to Live Strong and embrace your greatest breakthroughs yet.  We know that all things work together for good and those breakthroughs can evolve from having inner peace and quiet relaxed time to self. Today is Self-Love Saturdays and I believe you can make it what you want to be. Make sure you have cleared any errands or chores to make the time available.

Affirmations: I love and accept myself and my abilities, I am perfect and thankful, I am strong enough for the journey I am on, I am Faithful, powerful and enough, I am grateful for my faith, family and my friends.

Exercises: 30 minutes of split floor exercises and 30 minutes of meditation.

Have fun!!
Winsome Brinkley
Author and Speaker

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Hello Faithful Wives,
You have been asking and Relationship Author and Speaker Winsome Brinkley is bringing you  Free Wife Empowerment Classes Webinarto help equip Godly Wives!! For over 7 years I have been writing, speaking and empowering women to live their best life. With over sixteen books published, winner of several national awards, and co-Author of my most recent book which I co-Authored with my husband "Undamaged",  I want to share my knowledge and help you put in the work to help you enrich your marriage through becoming a powerful Godly wife.

Click link to Join this Online Webinar to Save Your Spot!!
Click link to Join this Online Webinar to Save Your Spot!!

God Bless!!
Author Winsome Brinkley

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God bless,
Author Winsome Brinkley