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31 Days Prayers Family Set: Daily Essentials (Available for Pre-Order)

Hello Faithful,
I am happy to announce the 31 Days Prayers Family Set Bundle: Daily Essentials. These are very practical books to help you reaffirm your faith in your role as a Wife, Husband and Child. Starting the 31 Days Prayer Challenge inspired me to continue praying specifically for marriages and the family. We are the first fruits of Jesus Christ and our duties is to ensure that we are fulfilling our ministries to our love ones. We are blessed to bloom where we are planted and we must delight in His word each day as we serve others. God's word stands over us as all believers with promises, corrections and guidelines to help perfect us and all that concerns us. The 31 Days Prayers for Her, Him and the Child is using the scriptures to apply to our everyday life to be shaped and most importantly mold our lives. 
31 Days Prayers for Her: Daily Essential Prayers For Strength and Blessings
" order to present the church to himself in all its beauty--pure and faultless, wit…

Are you ready? Free Wives Empowerment Classes Webinar! Sign Up!!

Hello Faithful Wives,
You have been asking and Relationship Author and Speaker Winsome Brinkley is bringing you  Free Wife Empowerment Classes Webinarto help equip Godly Wives!! For over 7 years I have been writing, speaking and empowering women to live their best life. With over sixteen books published, winner of several national awards, and co-Author of my most recent book which I co-Authored with my husband "Undamaged",  I want to share my knowledge and help you put in the work to help you enrich your marriage through becoming a powerful Godly wife.

Click link to Join this Online Webinar to Save Your Spot!!
Click link to Join this Online Webinar to Save Your Spot!!

God Bless!!
Author Winsome Brinkley

5 Qualities of a Godly WIfe

Who is a Godly wife?

A Godly wife is a woman who loves the Lord and loves her husband. A Godly wife is a woman who is about being Christ like in all that you do. A Godly wife carries herself with dignity, grace and is excellent at what she does. A Godly wife is very focused and ignores distractions. She knows her place, role and duties and focuses on letting the Lord be her strength to equip her to serve her husband in a godly way. She makes her house a home and submits to the counsel of her husband who covers her with the word of God. A Godly wife is helpful, kind, and excels in creativity to help her family a blessing.

Today I want to share 5 Qualities of a Godly Wife:

A Godly wife is confident and according to Psalms 128 is a fruitful vine within her home. She refreshes others. She is a host and makes her husband and family feel re-freshed and peaceful. She is joyful and peaceful at all times and confesses the word of God over her family. She is her husband's helpmeet and is con…

Stuck? Ignore the Feeling...

Hello Faithful Warriors,

The word of God says in Romans 8.28 "All things work together for good to them that love God to them that are called according to his purpose".

Are you feeling stuck and like you are not accomplishing all that you are setting out to do?
How is your prayer life?
Do you have a steady daily morning routine by which to stick to?
The word of God says He did not give you a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. Your journey might have twists and turns, however you must embrace it and own it as yours to receive the honor God is taking you to. Remain humble and live knowing you are worthy. When you vision, vision not to compare or be jealous of others. Vision your life to be what God can make of it. There are places to see, people to meet and new skills you can learn this year. For a daily inspiration, follow me on Instagram (@faithfulwomenmovement).

Here is a word of Encouragement for you: As a Wife and Mother my job is not to remind yo…

Still looking for a Valentines day gift? Here it is on Barnes & Noble!!

Hello Faithful Warriors!!

Today I am excited to   giveaway a 10% DISCOUNT my book "Undamaged" and also 10% off every other product in the Etsy store. I also have a strong book platform on Amazon and all books there are 30% off. Awesome, right?

Today is a great day to rest, relax and breathe. Life insists that you must confront your fears and deal with your weakness to enhance your strengths and live in gratitude. Undamaged is a powerful book for couples who are dating, engaged, courting or married. It is packed with great advice on how to re-create your life to begin with you. It is packed with powerful affirmations and intentional words to speak into your purpose.

How do I get this book, Winsome? You have lots of options.

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Have fun!!

Hello Faithful Warriors,
I want to share a word of encouragement with you. You have come a long ways and God is about to bless you tremendously beyond all you need and imagine. There are people you will come across who are different but you must take it up in prayer. It's your time to profit and promoted tomorrow. Stay faithful, humble, work hard and stay in your lane. You must win and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Never allow yourself to be broken when God said you are unbroken. Do you believe God would bring you this far without giving you Grace to sustain you? Even if you are outnumbered, stay in faith and trust God's timing. Your breakthrough is now.

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Be-Loved Faithful Box


PS. Keep faithful in prayer as we continue the 31 Days Prayer Challenge.
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God bless!

Gems of Etsy...Support my Etsy Store!!

Hello Faithful Warriors,

It's here!

My beautiful Etsy Store is here!!!

It is efficient, well stocked and carries a variety of digital products ranging from books (eBook and Paperback) wall art, apparel.

Click he link for the product you want and it will be INSTANLY Available  on our Device once payment is completed.

Etsy Store
I decided to make my books available on Etsy in Digital Formats to connect more with my readers and faster delivery.  As a wife and mother, I enjoy writing and make my work to be a blessing to others. Please share, like, or repost on your social media. Leave your reviews below to assist other customers viewing my store BOLDPIECEUNDER50

Thank you!
Winsome Brinkley
Author Brinkley

31 Days Prayer Challenge

Hello Faithful Warriors!!

I am introducing 31 Days Prayer Challenge on my blog!!

February is a month to flourish, succeed and staying focused and grounded in your purpose, developing your godly relationships and ushering in the right mindset that will preserve and enhance your life as a godly wife for your  husband or soon to be family. You must trust God to make you the most equip to serve your spouse ( look out for some exciting topics on this blog)

Tools: Notebook or Prayer Journal, pens, highlighters, a easy to read Bible or Bible App. You can create short yet powerful prayers using the scriptures ( I will post a scripture daily) Awesomeness!!

If you feel like you need this support, like, share, repost, and for further information join our Facebook Prayer Group through our prayer request link.

Follow me on Instagram for Daily Scriptures and fun Prayer tips.

Have fun!!

Author Winsome Brinkley

Annoncing my New Book: Order Purpose Destiny!!

I am proud to announce my #newbookalert "Order Purpose Destiny"
This book promises to help you break free, live a life of purpose and making bold godly choices to walk in your destiny. I have written close to 16 books and this is certainly a unique addition and great addition to any collection. Whether you are  looking for a new beginning or bouncing back, Author Winsome Brinkley presents a book to help you get there. Yes it will be available on Amazon soon!!

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