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5 Qualities of a Godly WIfe

Who is a Godly wife?

A Godly wife is a woman who loves the Lord and loves her husband. A Godly wife is a woman who is about being Christ like in all that you do. A Godly wife carries herself with dignity, grace and is excellent at what she does. A Godly wife is very focused and ignores distractions. She knows her place, role and duties and focuses on letting the Lord be her strength to equip her to serve her husband in a godly way. She makes her house a home and submits to the counsel of her husband who covers her with the word of God. A Godly wife is helpful, kind, and excels in creativity to help her family a blessing.

Today I want to share 5 Qualities of a Godly Wife:

A Godly wife is confident and according to Psalms 128 is a fruitful vine within her home. She refreshes others. She is a host and makes her husband and family feel re-freshed and peaceful. She is joyful and peaceful at all times and confesses the word of God over her family. She is her husband's helpmeet and is confident, a breathe of fresh air to any room and her.

A Godly wife is faithful, Christ-centered and blesses others. She reads, studies and listen to the word of God to help guide her as a wife. She is a beautiful jewel in the hands of God and is a light to her family. She is a blessing and blessings others. She praises the Lord for her husband and gives thanks in all circumstances. She is a woman of worth, honesty, a woman of Godly character. She understands that her ministry is from the inside out and loves herself from within, serves her home first before she can serve others and is faithful.

A Godly wife is also very wise. She knows how to take Godly counsel. Wisdom makes the difference in all circumstances. The word of God says that when you embrace wisdom you will get wealth and riches. She seeks the Lord for wisdom first and abundance flows into her house. She is a source of advice for others. Even if negative things are spoken about her, she pays back with kindness, blessings and prayer. She is not a complainer, because she nows that God is her protector.

A Godly wife is empowered and industrious. According to Proverbs 31 she considers a field and buys it. She is a woman who looks out for her own household. She keeps handles her affairs with discretion and never gossips about others. She is a counsellor and through her actions others can see her goodness, godliness and commitment to encourage others. She commits to her causes and gives to others as God has provided for her.                        

A Godly wife is humble and meek. Regardless of her achievements, she remains in control of her emotions and gives thanks. She considers her husbands wisdom and instruction to make godly decisions. She operates in the Spirit of God and not in flesh. Her house is a place of rest for her family and she speaks with loving kindness, peace and wisdom. She is modest, chaste, and think on things that are pure, true, noble and good.

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