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2018 Book Reading Challenge

Hello Faithful,

I believe in taking time to read to live. I am introducing the 2018 Book Reading Challenge to read at least one book monthly.

Reading encodes new thoughts and ideas in your mind and expands your thinking.

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God bless you!!
Author Winsome Brinkley

Faithful Homemaker Living !

Hello Faithful,

I am excited to see Faithful Homemaker Living blog go live! This blog is all about homemaking, talking cuisine, skin care, fashion, latest trends and daily blogs.

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Yes I will still be posting on this blog!

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I am giving away Freebies and today it is a beautiful Journal that you can create your new beginning.

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God is Faithful & you must be Faithful!

God bless!!
Winsome Brinkley

Inspiring young minds! My first Children's Book is published!

Hello Faithful Mother's,

Inspiring young minds is a powerful thing.
I was inspired to write children's prayer books for blessings and God's grace.

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God Bless,
Winsome Brinkley

Reaching 💯 Blog Posts & Freebie Giveaways!!

Hello Faithful,

It's amazing to reach my first 💯 Blog Posts.
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A Powerful Book on Healing & makes a great Gift...

Heal Your Life: 7 Day of Healing yo Achieve and Prosper

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God bless!!
Winsome Brinkley

Now Available 31 Days Prayers for Her

Hello Faithful, 
It's so amazing to complete the 31 Days Prayers for Her. This book is powerful, full of hope for wives, and is packed with 31 powerful prayers for wives. This book can be used with your the 31 Days Prayer Bundle for the Family (checkout on Amazon).

God Bless! Author Winsome Brinkley

Five Ways To Save Money

Hello Faithful,

What are your Financial Goals for 2018?
Living Well is to have a healthy Financial Goals and investing wisely. Saving money for a new place or house requires planning and serious cut backs. In a society where credit cards are readily available and many people in debt, here are my 5 Ways to Save Money:

Create a clear and concise budget Budgeting is the best way to save money. Know your Income and Expenditure. If it's not in the budget, don't get it. One best practice for building our wealth is delayed gratification paying our tithes first to receive  God's blessings. We believe in taking care of business first and allotting a percentage to shopping or date nights.
2. Consolidate all your debts
You can consider getting a lower interest rate on your loans( if any) through consolidation of your debts. Looking at your expenditures, how much do you own in debt? 
3. Save Six Months of Salary
If you want to really save your cash, get a plan and set your goals of wh…

Jealousy VS Insecurity

Hello Faithful,

What do you think is the biggest cause of jealousy?

Fear of loving and appreciating yourself, gifts, calling, talents, and uniqueness is the main reason why jealousy arises. Therefore, fear that you might not be enough is a sign of Insecurity.

In Psalms 139:14

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works.

How wonderful for God to make you so special, different and unique. God bless me for waking up each day and know that my now is awesome and my best is yet to come. I never get jealous of anyone because God has me in the palm of his hands. God is faithful and He never changes.

What does God require of you as a Believer?

God said in Matthew 6.33: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you."

Liberty is your right to live unobstructed, clear, focused, happy and prosperous. A life that gives Praise is a blessing. You are a blessing.

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How to Have Godly Friendships

Hello Faithful,

Can you have Godly Friendships?

I believe that  you can have Godly Friendships. In Proverbs 27.17 it states that

'Iron sharpeneth iron. So does one friend does to another.'

Great, right? God calls us to always live peaceful with all men. He insists on us holding no grudges and give to others as you would have them do to you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in God. You can be blessed to be a blessing to others. A faithful friend is much better than having pocket money.  These friends knows how to keep you in check with the word of God and they are not too proud to receive advice. Godly Friendships is about giving without any intention of receiving a reward. It's  about God seeing your integrity of heart and Blessing  you. As faithful Women we must keep the faith and trust God's grace to be there for others when they need us.

How do you manage your Godly Friendships?

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