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New!! Elite 3 Day Kingdom Wife Classes!

Hello Faithful Wives,

I am very excited to have you join my Elite 3 Day Kingdom Wife Classes on where I teach you practical tools to make your marriages better and become the powerful wife of God I know you can be!!

There is such a need to help build better marriages and this training will be  EXCLUSIVE to those who believe they need help to be  a better wife. 

Check out this class and be sure to invite your friends and family! Book your spot as there is no limit as to how many persons can join. 

"Covenant marriage is a godly husband and a godly wife who can say I do when you don't and I will when you won't" Winsome Brinkley

Before you can begin this class, click the link above to access the course for $9.99 ( WAS $32.00)and access all teaching resources. 

As a BONUS for taking this class you will be getting a wonderful Freebie (INSTANT DOWNLOAD.
Yes, I want this class!

God Bless…

Letting Go of the Past!

Hello Faithful,

The word of God says be not entangled again with the yoke that so easily destroyed.
You cannot move forward unless you cut off the past. I once read a thought that says the only way to move forward is to look to the stars. This means moving on from anything that pulls you out of the will of God. You owe nothing to the devil. You deserve to be a woman who will inherit the blessings and covenant promises of God. You must trust in his incredible timing and rest in his wisdom.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: "The future belongs to those who those who dream"

God bless,
Author Winsome Brinkley

Know Your Worth!!

Hello Faithful,

How can someone so small think so big? It's a question I have pondered when I reflect on the lives of these successful people. On the other hand I have also asked how can someone so big think so small?

Regardless of where you fall in the scope of things, you must know your worth. A good attitude takes you to the altitude you want to achieve. A good attitude is a reflection of the mindset you choose to have. If you speak kindly, people will remember how you blessed them, not how you broke them.

If you smile kindly you might be the hope an innocent person might need to go in hoping and building faith. You must know your worth especially in your leadership roles. You must know the cost of not being yourself is far greater than trying to live in someone's else's life. The scripture tells you not to cast off your confidence. God never changes because He is the same yesterday today and forever.

God is showing us daily to think on things that are true, pure, kind,…

Sexual Abuse of Women and Children in America? An Atrocity!

It is absolutely shocking that sexual harassment and abuse of women and children are so prominent in the news.
I mean it's shocking in the media, social media and a obvious call for our nation to pray continually for a change. Too many schools have forgotten about prayer and it's about keeping children safe and ensuring that women are safe and their rights protected. President Trump's says 'it's a rigged system' while speaking at a rally.
In a news release He went on to say they are savages. Could it be these 'savages' consider themselves the 'resistance'? Now I know these individuals are hurt people who tend to bully others.

I believe that hope God can be found in God. Maybe it's time we pray that our children will be protected and women not be sexually harrassed. I believe that we must be sincere in our efforts and ask that organizations such as Kiwanis International which serves the children of the world should step up and get better fund…

Glow. smile. Happiness. Motherhood ( New Book)

Hello Faithful,

I am happy to announce my new book 31 Days Prayers for Mothers!!

Check out the promo clip below:

Visit my Amazon page to download the copy!!

Check back my blog for new updates!!

God bless!!
Author Winsome Brinkley